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Airbnb Furniture List: Everything You Need to List a Property

Listing a property on Airbnb can be a lucrative way to make the most out of spare space in your home or utilise a second property as a source of income. However, unlike when renting, guests expect the property to come fully furnished and ready for their stay.

Our handy furniture list outlines all of the essential pieces you need to include in your Airbnb property to ensure your guests have an enjoyable stay.



Arguably the most important room(s) of the property. After all, your guests will need somewhere to rest in between exploring the local area. Here’s everything you’ll need to kit the bedroom out.


Bed — With a Mattress

The bed is the obvious focal point of any bedroom. We recommend investing in a good quality bed with a decent mattress and maybe a headboard to accentuate the room's interior design and provide maximum comfort. Try to make a statement with the bed that will wow your guests. It’s one of the most essential pieces of furniture in the property!



Ensure your guests have adequate storage for their clothing and bags to prevent the bedroom from becoming cluttered. Nobody likes to live out of a suitcase. A quality wardrobe with plenty of space can make all of the difference.



A stylish dresser or a chest of drawers is always a welcome addition to a bedroom to provide additional storage space. It’s also ideal for organising makeup and fragrances for easy access.


Bedside Table

A bedside table is essential furniture to ensure your guests have somewhere to place an alarm clock, charge their phone overnight and ideally to home a bedside light. Bedside tables can come with drawers for additional storage if required.



Make sure your guests have access to a mirror that they can use to make sure they’re looking their best before they head out to enjoy the local area. Ideally, the mirror should be placed on top of or above the dresser for ease of use. Don’t forget, mirrors can be decorative too, so choose a nice one that suits the style of your property, such as a freestanding mirror.



Lighting is such an important aspect of any room and often overlooked. Make sure that, in addition to ceiling lighting, the space has bedside lamps and at least one floor lamp so your guests can create some ambience.


Blanket Box

Finally, it’s critical to make sure your guests have plenty of bedding. A blanket box is the perfect place to store some additional pillows, blankets or a spare duvet if they’re required. 


Bedroom Appliances and Essentials

The more complete a property is, the more likely guests are to enjoy it. Although not something that’s always expected, score extra points by providing the following items:

  • Hairdryer 
  • Clothes steamer/iron
  • Clothes hangers 
  • A bin 
  • A safe

Living Room

Next up, the living area. This is the room where guests will spend the most time while they’re awake, so it needs to be a relaxing space where they can unwind after a day spent exploring the local area of your Airbnb property.



A sofa is to a living room what a bed is to a bedroom, undoubtedly the focal point of the room. Choose a comfy and inviting sofa that matches the room’s style. Consider buying a sofa bed to improve your property’s maximum number of occupants (and therefore the potential price point).


Coffee Table

Make sure your guests have somewhere to rest their drinks and snacks while they enjoy your property. Some coffee tables can also provide some much-needed storage and enable you to leave a nice welcome pack for your guests.


TV Stand

Unless you plan to mount the television, you’ll need to get a TV stand to rest it on. If you aren’t considering a TV for your property, you might want to think again as most guests like options for entertainment and enjoying some downtime, even when they’re on holiday!



Like the bedroom, you need to make sure the living room has adequate lighting. Lamps are a great way to create ambient lighting and can help keep bills down, too, if guests don’t always have to use ceiling lighting.


Living Room Appliances/Essentials

There are a few appliances and essential items you might want to consider adding to the living room:

  • TV (with Netflix or similar)
  • Mobile speakers for playing music
  • A rug



The final room you’ll need to consider is the kitchen. Part of the thing guests enjoy about Airbnb properties is the ability to cook the food they want to eat when they want to eat. Make sure you kit the kitchen out with everything they need.


Dining Table

Of course, your guests will want somewhere they can eat the food they have cooked and potentially entertain guests. Ensure they have a space to do this with a sizable kitchen table. This can also double as a workstation for professional guests who need to catch up on emails and the like.


Kitchen Appliances/Essentials

The kitchen is predominantly made up of appliances and essentials your guests will need to use to enjoy their stay. They’re hardly likely to bring kitchen appliances with them, after all. Make sure your property has the following:

  • Plates and bowls
  • Glassware and cups 
  • Cutlery 
  • Tin/bottle opener 
  • Pots/pans 
  • A toaster
  • A kettle 
  • A washing machine 
  • Dishwasher


Choose Your Furniture With Care to Make the Most of Your Airbnb Property

Choosing the furniture you need to list an Airbnb property is one thing, but making sure it comes together to create an appealing aesthetic is another thing entirely. Our Boutique Stay Style Guide can help you create a functional and fashionable property to help your boutique hotel or Airbnb property stand out from the competition.

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