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How to Find Quality British Made Furniture

Part of Revival's rigorous process for creating quality British made furniture

Finding quality British made furniture can be difficult as manufacturers are increasingly looking to workshops abroad to help produce their products, rather than making collections in a local, artisan furniture workshop

Often, if you’re lucky enough to track down quality, British furniture makers - those who still regard quality to be the most important factor in furniture design - it can prove difficult to view individual items or purchase without visiting their showroom in person. 

So, how can you find long-lasting, local furniture from the comfort of your home? 

  1. Find Your Inspiration
  2. Contact A Member Of Our Team
  3. Visit Our Showroom
  4. Choose Your Finish
  5. Pay Your Deposit
  6. Our Craftsmen Get To Work
  7. Delivery and Installation

1. Find Your Inspiration

Quality materials, beautiful finishes and British made furniture might sit at the very top of your furniture-buying checklist. However, understanding which style, size and item of furniture you need is also important in finding the right furniture for your home.

While showrooms are a great way to see a piece of furniture in the flesh and ask the advice of expert sales assistants, not everyone can make the journey to a physical store or workshop. 

Our luxury furniture blog is filled with inspiring bedrooms, living rooms and hallways that exude the finest luxury, making it a great way to replicate the in-store experience. From New England inspired decor to the lavish interiors of traditional English country manors, you won't be stuck for inspiration for your home after reading. 

Since everything we feature is made from the finest materials, you won’t have to worry about whether an Ottoman you like or a bed you’ve fallen in love with will have the same luxury appeal in person. 


2. Contact A Member Of Our Team

Furniture makers are best placed to advise you on the interiors of your home. They live and breathe furniture design, making them true experts in their field. 

Revival craftsman at work in our British-based workshopOne of our craftsmen hard at work creating solid wood furniture in our established Nottinghamshire workshop.

Whether you’re renovating a guest room or replacing a singular item, our team can provide valuable insights and information about any of our pieces. 

As long-held masters of quality British made furniture - first opening the doors of our Nottinghamshire workshops in 1983 - we also offer complete customisation on our entire library of furniture. This means you can bring your vision to life, controlling the size, shape and stain of your furniture. There are also options to add full-grain Italian leather, hand-stitched fabrics and bespoke handles to make your latest purchase one-of-a-kind. 


3. Visit Our Showroom

If you can make the journey, we invite all of our customers to visit our showroom so you can see our craftsmanship firsthand. 


From traditional dovetail joints to the history of the materials we use, we'd love to discuss our crafts with you further. The best part of visiting our showroom is you can speak directly to the people who work with these materials every day and will make your beautiful, custom piece. 


4. Order Samples

From sustainably sourced natural wood to completely bespoke finishes, there are endless colourways to choose from. 

We understand it's hard to decide on the finish if you haven't seen it in person. That's why we always send a finished sample out in the post so you can see and feel it for yourself before your order goes to production. 

Leather samples available on all our British made furnitureOur wide range of leather samples available to complement bed frames, ottomans and linen chests.

If you want the piece to match the rest of the furniture in your room, we also offer a colour matching service, so your new furniture can feel right at home with your current decor. Once you’ve chosen which piece to purchase, as well as making it uniquely yours through detailed customisation, we’ll produce a lifelike CAD drawing for review.


5. Pay Your Deposit

After you've reviewed the CAD drawings and are completely content with the design, we'll begin crafting.  

The wood treatment process we carry out when creating quality British made furnitureAn integral part of the furniture making process, our craftsmen sand and treat each piece of wood before assembling the finished product.

We'll also send over a quotation and request a 10% deposit to be paid. We only ask for the remaining balance when your piece has been delivered by our specialist team, which is completely free alongside installation to mainland UK. 


6. Our Craftsmen Get To Work

Our craftsmen use time-honoured techniques to create luxury pieces that are built to last, right in the heart of Nottinghamshire.

We ensure your bespoke piece is durable and exactly how you imagined it. From the sustainably sourced aged European oak to protective wax and fine fabrics, we start with only the best materials before beginning the real work of sanding and carefully assembling each piece. 

In turn, quality British made furniture takes time to create with most of our pieces arriving at their final destination within 10-X weeks. From conception to delivery, our craftsmen personally review each and every step of the making process. As our furniture is handcrafted, our craftsmen quite literally take a hands-on approach to check over every detail, mechanism and design aspect.

Measuring and placing the slats on one of our solid wood bedsWe spend time positioning our bed slats so they are the optimal distance apart, creating an even, formidable bed base that can stand the test of time. 

The wait for quality, British made furniture is well worth it, as you’ll receive a timeless piece of furniture with no defects, technical faults or deviation from the design. 

We pride ourselves that you won’t find anything out of the ordinary about your purchase, aside from the subtle differences of each wood grain. We'll call you to confirm a delivery date and contact you again nearer the time to confirm the date and time of your shoes-off delivery and assembly. 


7. Delivery And Installation

At Revival Beds, we always go the extra mile to install your new, bespoke furniture. 

As part of our service, we have dedicated delivery and installation specialists who have tackled a variety of difficult stairways and sharp corners, taking care never to rush delivery or damage the product or place in the process. 

Whether you’re situated in a small, low-ceilinged cottage or a top-floor penthouse, your Revival order will arrive safe and sound, with the same superior delivery. We deliver, position and assemble your furniture for you to remove any worries you might have about lifting heavy items and building furniture from scratch.  

Delivery is a shoes-off affair so you won’t need to worry about blemishes on clean carpets. 

Now all that’s left is to enjoy your bespoke, tailor-made furniture, whether it’s a stately hardwood bed or a bespoke bookcase crafted for an alcove.  

To see the entire range of Revival furniture and learn more about our collections, download our Collections Brochure to start planning your order.


Complete Collections of Quality, British Made Furniture

Discover our Signature, County Kerry and New England Collections, as well as our full range of wardrobes, bedside cabinets, chests, blanket boxes, dressing tables, mirrors and mattresses, all in our Collections Brochure. 

With our extensive library of solid wood furniture, your entire bedroom can be filled with quality, British made furniture and nothing else. Our brochure shows the possibilities of fitting out a majestic master suite with an entire set of solid wood furniture as well as mixing and matching collections to create a classic yet contemporary look. 

Whichever pieces you choose, rest easy knowing that Revival furniture is top-tier quality, made to last a lifetime and always lovingly built in Great Britain. To download the brochure, simply click the banner below.

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