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Exposed Brick Bedroom — How to Get the Look

brick exposed bedroom

Exposed brick bedrooms are all over Pinterest, interior magazines and home styling blogs — and they look nothing like the impersonal, industrial holes we’re used to seeing. 

Now, brick is used in every type of interior project, putting wallpapered powder rooms to shame and creating a whole new wave of dining decor. Most of all, they’re being used in bedrooms, the most intimate area of the home.  Here's how you can achieve the same look in your home.

Why Opt for an Exposed Brick Bedroom? 

Exposed brick was once only ever seen in an “unfinished” home and viewed as something to plaster, paint and wallpaper over. The only places that embraced exposed brick were underground bars and industrial buildings. Now, exposed brick is desirable in decor. So much so, many people are opting for exposed brick as a key feature for their modern master

Exposed brick works in industrial and loft layouts. In loft spaces, exposed brick makes sure airy spaces still feel inviting and look perfect paired with the cosy curves of the Loft Sleigh Bed.


Now finding its way into even the most luxurious homes, exposed brick is revered for its texture, rich copper colour and ability to add personality to even the emptiest of rooms.

Exposed brick works in cosy sleep spaces by adding a statement feature without making the room feel claustrophobic or cluttered. Yet, exposed brick can just as easily be used to break up big spaces and create different zones in open-plan environments. 


Creating and Prepping Exposed Brick Walls 

To have an exposed brick bedroom, you’ll need to have some element of exposed brick, whether that’s behind the bed or on an adjacent wall. If you’re fortunate enough to have real exposed brick at your fingertips (or brick that can be exposed with a bit of work), you can skip straight to styling. 

White exposed brick walls present a new way of showcasing texture without tonality in the bedroom. Shown with the Metro Bed, this look is cool, calm and sophisticated, taking elements of the sea and the city to create a stunning sleep sanctuary that lives in the best of both worlds.


Most exposed brick rooms retain the red come dark amber glow of building bricks, enjoying the ambience and warmth they introduce. However, exposed brick is versatile enough to offer more options than this. For example, you could paint the brick white to merge into more of a minimalist look or swipe across a completely controversial colour if you’re feeling bold and brave in your interiors. 

The options are endless when creating and prepping exposed brick walls. In this example, two brick tones are used in the same room, complemented by the Studio Bed and other soft furnishings to add a different dimension. 


For those who need to create the illusion of a brick wall, there are many routes you can take. While imitation brick wallpaper and tiling can often look cheap and not the real deal, brick slips and 3D cladding offer a more comprehensive solution. 

If you can’t quite get over the ‘faking it till you make it’ concept, you could always opt for an entirely different material. If you’re most concerned about creating interior interest by introducing texture, you aren't tied to exposed brick anyway. 

Metal walls, wood panelling, concrete and even stone all offer different aesthetics and avenues for above-average bedrooms. They all do the same job in highlighting specific sleep areas, but they yield individual impact. For example, aged metal can be used in glitzy, more obviously glamorous settings, while concrete can harden up an interior project and cool down its colour palette.


8 examples of Exposed Brick Bedroom Inspiration

1. Parisian Chic

Although not an element often found in the traditional apartments of Paris, exposed brick can be successfully fused with French-inspired furniture


2. Edwardian Elegance

In small doses, exposed brick can enter Edwardian homes competing with ornate accessories and ambient lighting. 


3. Scandinavian Style

If you ever feel that Scandinavian interiors appear cold, exposed brick warms them right up. Using fresh white bedding and not much else, exposed brick and Scandi style can live harmoniously in your home. 


4. Barn Living

So long as it’s accompanied by beams, wood and other obvious barn materials, exposed brick can work in conversions and farmhouse style bedrooms, adding warmth to wide-open spaces. 


5. Nice Neutrals

If you can only stomach subtle design, exposed brick can be a great way to keep your interiors feeling exciting without bordering on being bold. This natural material is a perfect neutral in itself, setting the tone for a clean and crisp colour palette. 


6. Palatial Projects 

Even in grand, palatial projects, exposed brick has its place. Choosing a cooler toned brick and using it sparingly across the space affords majestic furniture enough room to breathe.


7. Home Away From Hotel 

When creating a hotel-inspired bedroom, exposed brick can help emulate some of the most expensive establishments, which always take decor one step further to impress.


8. Fresh and Functional 

Fresh and functional rooms feel liberating but they can often run the risk of feeling clinical for lack of style or a certain finesse. Exposing brick in targeted areas like a chimney breast can help to counteract this. 


Furnishing and Accessorising Exposed Brick Bedrooms

As you can see from the examples above, exposed brick bedrooms can be executed in almost all interior bedroom trends. How you furnish and accessorise them is up to you, so long as you consider how brick will look in the context of each style. 

Traditionally, brick exposed bedrooms leaned towards post-industrial accessories with pendant lighting. However, brick exposed bedrooms have come a long way since then. Start planning your bespoke brick exposed bedroom project with the help of our Collections Brochure. From Parisian furniture to more modern and sleek styles, we have everything you’ll need to enjoy a stylish slumber. 

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