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The Ultimate Guide to Types of Bed Bases


On average, a person will spend 33 years of their life in bed. To make sure those years are as comfortable and relaxing as possible, it's important to invest in the right bed. Finding the perfect bed all starts with the base of the bed. However, there are a variety of different types of bed bases, so to make the right choice for your needs, it's important to know all the details.

Many people don't realise it's important to research bed bases before committing to buy a bed. So before you purchase your next bed, here's everything you need to know about bed bases. 


The UK’s most popular choice of bed base is the divan. It typically consists of two different parts - a wooden base that sits on the floor and a mattress that sits on top of the base. The reason they’re so popular is that divans are versatile in size and are usually designed with in-built storage.

Two or four drawer options, continental-style drawers and sliders are all possible with divan beds. Perfect for keeping your bedroom organised and clutter-free.

Divans usually fit into three different categories so keep that in mind when you see it written anywhere. You’ll need to double-check to see if it’s a Sprung Edge, Firm Edge or Platform Top divan.

Sprung Edge - durable but luxurious, the Sprung Edge divans are created with open coil or pocket spring systems. Basically, this means they’re built to last and designed to provide added support across the whole mattress.

Platform Top - offers firm support and is often required for some mattresses. Can be the most cost-effective option if you have a budget you need to stick to.

Firm Edge - dropping in popularity. Firm Edge divans are created with a rigid edge and a sprung centre. Now they’re only really used as the base for single beds.


Bedsteads, or just bed frames as they’re sometimes referred to, are always a popular choice because of their look and aesthetic. You can find them in an array of different styles, perfect if you’re sticking to a certain theme in your bedroom.

Decide between traditional favourites and the latest modern offerings to find the bed base that suits your style. Bedsteads are manufactured using wood, metal or plastic so there’s something to suit everyone.

Although you’ll be influenced heavily by the design, make sure to always keep mattress support in mind.

The last thing you want is to choose your ideal bed base, only to find it doesn’t support the mattress you want to have. Ensure you have all of the important room, bed and mattress measurements to hand when browsing so there’s no chance of being disappointed.

Adjustable Bed Bases

These bed bases are growing in popularity thanks to the added functions they offer. More of us are looking to watch TV, eat and work in bed, so we need beds that’ll manage that. The flexible upholstered sections or wooden slats allow you to adjust each section to suit whatever you’re doing.

For example, with an adjustable bed, you’re able to raise the head and neck to work comfortably.

They’re also popular among people who have certain medical conditions. Being able to adjust the bed can make it easier to get in and out - perfect if you’re suffering from joint pain. Adjustable bed bases give you the freedom to sleep in a way that suits you.

Guest Beds

If you regularly have guests over or the kids have sleepovers, then you might want to look for a guest bed. These bases have beds that fold out, offering someone a place to sleep without taking up any extra room.

They’re flexible and are perfect for utilising space in small bedrooms. Like guest beds, bunk beds are also a practical choice if you’re short on space.


Generally used along with bedsteads, slatted bases are flexible and allow you to have the bed as firm or as soft as you want. You can actually adjust the tension of some slats to suit your sleeping requirements.

Keep in mind that the bigger the gap between the slats, the more general wear and tear you can expect to have on your mattress.

Again, it’s important to keep all of the important measurements in mind when browsing so that you don’t end up with bases and mattresses that aren’t compatible.

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