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The A to Z of Royal Luxury Bedroom Design

royal luxury bedroom in Versailles

Royal luxury bedrooms are a tier above any luxury bedroom trend. To create a royal residence takes more than a careful choice of paint colours and a keen eye for interiors. Using the Queen’s English and the 26 letters of the alphabet, we’ve dissected the difficult design of royal residences to lift the veil on palatial projects.

A is for Area Rugs

Hand-knotted area rugs that are almost as large as the room itself ooze regality and allow the space to feel ornately decorated before even adding furniture. 

B is for Bolster Cushions

Decorative bolster cushions filled with down elevate a bed and are thought to have been birthed by Dutch colonialists, given as gifts to travelling husbands. 

C is for Chandeliers 

An interior element fashioned from fairytales, chandeliers add elegance and grace to a high-ceilinged chamber as they hang from a masterful medallion. 



D is for Drapes

No royal luxury bedroom is complete without a set of luxury drapes to dramatise the space and show off its tall stature. 

E is for Egyptian Cotton 

The finest bed linens known to man are Egyptian cotton sheets, with long staples and plentiful fibres guaranteeing a soft, uninterrupted slumber. 

F is for Four Posters

No other bed will do. Four-poster beds are expansive, elegant and undoubtedly royal. Styles like The Windsor and The Balmoral are built with royal residences in mind. 



G is for Glass Accessories

Glass makes for grand styling whether it appears on lampshade bases, paperweights or tabletops and whether it’s coloured, clouded or clear. 

H is for Hand Painted Murals

Commissioning an artist to adorn your walls with a one-off scene akin to the ceilings of the Sistine Chapel sets your abode apart from all others. 

I is for Intricate Design 

Intricacy is synonymous with royal design. Patterns such as Brocade, Chinoiserie, Damask, Fleur-de-Lis, Jacquard and Toile are plentiful in palatial projects. 



J is for Jewelled Trinkets

Jewels are associated with wealth being a key commodity collected and traded amongst rich merchants. Think Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald encrusted keepsakes. 

K is for Kinglike Amenities 

A royal luxury bedroom must be fit for a king, housing all of the expected amenities of a luxury hotel. Hotel-inspired bedrooms have an air of affluence, nodding to royal roots.

L is for Lounge Areas

In addition to a breathtaking bed, royal bedrooms must offer areas for relaxation and palatial pastimes. An armchair, chaise lounge and writing bureau won't go amiss.



M is for Mirrors

Truly lavish interiors call for the illusion of never-ending space, made possible by mirrors. Hanging mirrors, dressing tables and freestanding varieties all do the trick. 

N is for Natural Materials

Royal bedrooms rarely reference modern-day and instead pick a period of the past to pay homage to. This means opting for more natural materials like wood, marble and leather.

O is for Ottomans

Ottomans are an opulent bed accessory that extend the landscape of your bed and provide occupants with additional comfort. 



P is for Parisian Inspired Furniture

Although not a monarchic must, Parisian and French-inspired furniture never fail a palatial project with 18th century France being one of the most influential interior periods. 

Q is for Quilting

Quilting of any kind is welcomed in royal residences. As a colonial trend, quilts were made to display the needlework of the maker before moving to more intricate, imported styles. 

R is for Responsibly Sourced Wood

A firm focus on the finest natural materials means only responsibly sourced wood, either solid pine or aged European oak will do. 



S is for Silk  

Silk is soft, lustrous in appearance and known for its importance in international trade. Since silk’s discovery, kings, queens and other noblemen have coveted its soft surface. 

T is for Traditional Paintings

Traditional paintings displaying a person’s heritage, family and estate indicate aristocracy while making walls look less vacant, adding genuine interest to interiors. 

U is Under Bed Storage

Beds with under-bed storage aren’t immediately seen as glamorous or luxurious. Yet, the absence of overly obvious storage makes a space feel more streamlined and sophisticated. 



V is for Vestibule

As a hallway in an apartment is a privilege, so too is a vestibule in a bedroom, providing a small passageway before you march into the master. 

W is for Wall Moulding

Crowning, casing, bead and pearl, egg-and-dart, batten, wainscoting, there are countless ways to finish off walls and make joins, doors and skirting boards feel fancier. 


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