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The Advantages Of Buying From A Bedroom Furniture Manufacturer

a beautiful, handcrafted wardrobe by Revival Beds

Although there's an abundance of furniture options available, finding the ideal bedside table or wardrobe for your unique tastes can be a difficult task. A search on the internet for 'solid wood bedroom furniture' provides thousands of results, which is more than enough options. However, the majority of these products look the same and the only difference is their suppliers. Most items are mass produced, which is why designs, styles, sizes, quality and price points are similar.

Speaking directly to a UK bedroom furniture manufacturer means you'll find a more diverse range of options. Choosing furniture that's handcrafted to your requirements enables you to pick the exact style and finish of your new furniture.

Here are five advantages of buying from a bedroom furniture manufacturer. 

  1. Unique Furniture Tailored To Your Requirements
  2. Higher Service Levels
  3. Better Value
  4. Superior Quality
  5. Peace of Mind

1. Unique furniture tailored to your requirements

After finding a furniture manufacturer whose work you admire, you can start your journey to create a beautifully bespoke wardrobe, bedside table or bed frame, completely unique to your requirements. After perusing through the manufacturer's catalogue of work, you can take inspiration and make changes to their existing collection so your new furniture complements your home decor. 

For example, if you're looking for a particular size or want to match existing furniture already in your home, a furniture manufacturer will offer a colour matching and made to measure service.

Buying bedroom furniture direct from the manufacturer means you are making the most of your investment. In the image below, you can see a bed and small set of drawers that perfectly match each other because they have been made bespoke. 

Revival Beds bedside drawers and bed

2. Higher Service Levels

Although many suppliers offer great service levels, there is a crossover between themselves and the manufacturer, which can often create communication issues. Through talking to a manufacturer directly, you won't have this issue. The manufacturer will also have more experience and knowledge about their products, enabling them to answer any technical questions with confidence.

Unlike suppliers, many quality bedroom furniture manufacturers also offer free delivery and installation, so you won't have to take time out of your day to build your wardrobe or worry about getting it upstairs. Instead, trained professionals will carefully deliver your new furniture for you and set it up safely, ensuring nothing is damaged in the process. 

Revival Beds team installing a new bed for a customer

3. Better Value

There is no denying that bespoke bedroom furniture is more expensive than something that's mass produced. However, it's most definitely worth the investment. From the beautifully handcrafted drawers to intricately designed bed frames, made to order furniture has a certain luxurious aesthetic that simply can't be achieved by mass produced furniture suppliers. 

Take a look at this beautiful Ambassador Four Poster Bed. It exudes understated elegance, fortitude and style that truly is timeless. It would be an everlasting addition to your abode, one that would guarantee you satisfying nights of sleep throughout its entire lifetime - something that couldn't be achieved by mass production.

Revival Beds Ambassador Four Poster Bed

4. Superior quality

The way mass produced furniture is manufactured means the build quality is not to the standards you'd see if it was made to order. On the other hand, an experienced bedroom furniture manufacturer will have a team of highly experienced craftsmen who will use traditional woodworking techniques such as dovetailing. Dovetail joints are a traditional, time-honoured technique that's highly regarded for its tensile strength. 

Manufacturers that are experienced in crafting luxury furniture will only ever work with sustainably sourced timbers. Choosing to purchase from manufacturers that use wood derived from European sources is a more eco-friendly choice as legislation now protects the forests. 

Revival Beds craftsman making a bed

5. Peace of mind

Although finding a furniture manufacturer that's been established for many years takes a little research, it will give you peace of mind in terms of quality and guarantee. Many bedroom furniture manufacturers offer a 10 year guarantee on their pieces, so you can rest assured knowing your bed is made to last. You'll also be able to rely on the manufacturer if any manufacturing faults and defects arise over the course of a decade.

County Kerry Bed

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