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Why Natural Wood Furniture Goes With Grey Walls

Monochromatic bedrooms with grey walls and accessories pair well with wooden beds and furniture

Grey is the interior trend that isn’t going away. For the last few years, we’ve seen grey everywhere from bedrooms and kitchens to nurseries and powder rooms. There are even entire houses dedicated to its ashen tones. This year, grey shows no signs of sinking into the interior background with Pantone naming Ultimate Grey as one of its Colours of the Year for 2021.

Yet, for all of grey’s popularity, it can be problematic to style, causing nearly everyone that adopts it to ask, “What colour bedroom furniture goes with grey walls?” From French grey to charcoal, we discuss how you can weave the warmer hues of wood into cool, contemporary interiors. 


Adding Warmth to a Cool Colour Palette

Pairing wood with anything other than white might feel risque at first. After all, a rich wood finish makes a real interior statement, requiring little else other than its strong stature to frame and finish a room. 

However, you can carefully place wood within a variety of colour palettes, including that of grey. 

The Amalfi Sleigh Bed pairs perfectly with French grey painted wallsHere, French grey walls with a lavender undertone pair perfectly with the warmer hues of The Amalfi Sleigh Bed finished in Natural Oak and accompanied by Cottonseed Leather.

When wood’s warm tones and grey’s cool tones are balanced, they are adept to complement each other. In a successful marriage between rich wood and cool grey, wood’s warm tones stop its cooler counterparts from feeling bleak, bland and, well, boring. 

Despite the frequent use of grey in modern homes, many interior designers are sceptical about using too much of it in design and decor, with some stating: “They can’t wait for this trend to freeze over.” 

Perhaps an even more contemporary approach to a cool grey colour palette then is to diffuse its icy glare with an inviting streak of European Oak or Quebec Yellow and Scandinavian Redwood. 

Cream, blush and bright white pulls both warm wood and cool grey togetherStyled with the combination of French grey and Natural Oak in mind, Cottonseed Leather’s rich, creamy colour is continued through picture frames and flowers, made fresh and feminine with pops of blush pink and pure white Egyptian cotton

By avoiding the obvious monochromatic design scheme—complete with crushed grey velvet furnishings, mirrored side tables and crystal accessories—the design of your bedroom can last for longer, not expiring when the grey trend does.


Accenting Wood with Other Accessories 

If you’ve already committed to a monochromatic moment, wood can still work in such uniform abodes. 

In this scenario, wood cuts through neutral’s quiet noise to create a strong sleep statement. 

To make wood the star of the show, it needs to be accented with other accessories. You can do this by using different tones and textures of grey that sit in the same family as the wall paint. Lamps, bed linens, rugs and even blanket boxes pose great opportunities to dress the room without detracting from the main act. 

So, whether you’ve chosen charcoal, silver, stone or dove grey to adorn your walls, any shade will work with this look. 

The Mackintosh Bed is the star of a show juxtaposed against a cool, grey colour palette The Mackintosh Bed has more time to shine when supported by satin lampshades, an area rug, a silver rotary phone and a luxury, hand-stitched bedspread.

For definite drama, opt for dark, dominating wood finishes such as Walnut or Antique Mahogany. Unlike honey-coloured timber finishes, these shades automatically sit at the forefront of the frame, taking centre stage in your bedroom. While our first example adds warmth, this option offers more depth than it does temperature. 

A monochromatic colour palette works well against the rich backdrop of walnutUp close, the Walnut finish lives up to its reputation as a striking mid wood colour that lends itself to both modern and traditional interiors, making it a safe bet for cool, contemporary colour palettes.

Being less about colour and more about confidence, this is the way to do grey if you want to add masculinity to your master

What’s more, it’s appropriate for any audience and suits those with diverse interior tastes. While shades of grey appeal to a trend-driven designer, traditional timber keeps the drama-filled decor feeling timeless. 


The Mirage of Matching Furniture 

If you don’t have confidence in your ability to match wood with grey walls, matching furniture sets might be the answer. This easy industry trick makes any trend work well—without having to do much design work or deep interior thinking. 

No matter what colour you decide to paint your bedroom walls, be it grey, magnolia or something more daring, a room with matching bedroom furniture instantly looks carefully curated, styled and seamless. Pairing beds with bedside cabinets, wardrobes, blanket boxes and more is the quickest route to style success and a sure way to make your boudoir look its best through an impressive interior illusion. 

To make styling your home a little more straightforward, browse our Collections Brochure and discover the endless opportunities to pair solid wood pieces to create your ultimate sleep sanctuary. 

Download your copy by clicking the link below. 

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