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What Type of Bedroom Furniture Suits a Country Style?

Country style furniture is rustic and made from natural materials

Country style bedrooms are coming back in fashion, driven by a yearning for simplicity and wholesome, homely decor across both bustling and rural landscapes. But how can you achieve this look with the right bedroom furniture in your own home?

Below are our five country style bedroom furniture must-haves to make any home feel undeniably elegant yet outdoorsy. 

  1. Natural Wood Pieces
  2. Reading Armchairs
  3. Four-Poster Beds
  4. Reclaimed Benches
  5. Blanket Boxes


Natural Wood Pieces

Providing a cohesive interior story with the pine floors and original beams that are so often present in rural homes, natural wood is an obvious material choice for country style bedroom furniture. 

From chests and bedside cabinets to dressing tables and bed frames, natural wood gives country style bedrooms their signature, laidback look. 

Rural homes have a unique rustic, back-to-nature quality that natural wood brings to the forefront, allowing these homes to feel earthy and full of sylvan charm. It would be a mistake to dress country homes in prim and proper furniture, as this look is far too try-hard for the simple day-to-day of countryside living. 

Instead, when creating a country style sleep space, you’ll want to choose materials that only get better as they age, giving you an undisturbed interior landscape that is both timeless and free of fleeting trends. 


Image shows: Secret Drawer Bedside Cabinet


When natural wood begins to weather, acquiring a warm patina with age, its aesthetic becomes even more beautiful. To seasoned furniture makers, like us, the flaws in timber aren’t imperfections at all — they’re what makes natural wood such a fine material to work with. 

Buying furniture made from quality, responsibly sourced timber ensures you’ll have style and substance in every piece. Although the design of a product might not be one-of-a-kind, the grain, knots and colour quality of each piece is completely unique, giving you a bespoke piece of furniture with every individual purchase. 


Reading Armchairs

Country style living is all about taking your time, ticking off simple chores and indulging in even simpler pleasures, all at a slow, steady pace. Not least of all, unwinding, resting and reading your favourite book. This classic countryside activity is best done in your bedroom, giving you the perfect segway to start or end your day. 

As such, reading armchairs or more elaborate reading nooks are a great addition to every country style bedroom — depending on the size of the space you have to work with. 


Image credit: Pinterest


When it comes to country-inspired bedroom furniture, any style of armchair will do. However, floral fabrics, gingham prints and rattan finishes all work well with an otherwise organic outlook.  

Add quality soft furnishings like accent throws and pillows for maximum reading relief to top off your miniature reading resort. As a result, you’ll be able to make the most of your boudoir even outside of your slumber, retiring to bed early or waking just before dawn to get a few more pages finished. 


Four Poster Beds

While country style bedroom furniture is known for being fuss-free, bed frames are where you can have the most fun, affording a bit of grandeur in an otherwise modest mood. 

Four poster beds work well in this environment as they hark back to simpler, more traditional times. This is in keeping with the country theme and ensures a homely style still feels sophisticated and stylish.


Image shows: Windsor Four Poster Bed


Despite their affluent appearance, four poster beds have many practical benefits for country style homes too.

For lovers of the outdoors with large windows and obvious devotion to their landscape, four poster beds offer an added layer of privacy, even when bedrooms sport a prime, panoramic view of rolling hills, blooming meadows and other idyllic scenery. With a four poster bed, you can enjoy the outside without ever feeling exposed.

Four poster beds also help control lighting, making sure your sleep is uninterrupted. So, even if the sun is rising in the east or setting in the west, you’ll be none the wiser. 

Lastly, four poster beds work so well in country style homes — especially when this decor is donned in countryside properties — as they insulate body heat during the winter months when inside a canopy, making sure your sleep is toasty, even if it’s crisp and cool outside. 

Plus, those who opt for this more opulent bed style can also have fun styling it, choosing drapes and luxury bedding in soft, natural-feeling fabrics. 


Reclaimed Benches 

If you haven’t noticed by now, country style interiors rely on the outside environment, pulling from the natural materials found close by in their surroundings. That’s why natural wood works so well in country style bedrooms, whether in a new piece of furniture or in a reclaimed design, where the wood has been re-milled to give it a second life. 

Reclaimed wood can be used in all sorts of scenarios from shelving to bespoke storage but, by far, our favourite use for bedrooms is in reclaimed benches.


Image credit: Pinterest


In large bedrooms, benches can provide an extra bit of storage space helping to frame and hide laundry baskets, boxes and other clutter. They can also act as a clever pause point for one interior area to end and another to begin, benefitting the interior flow of your furniture.

It may not be one of the most obvious options for country style bedroom furniture or bedroom furniture more generally, but having a bench is a luxury not to be overlooked in terms of the way it adds to the room’s appearance and usability.


Blanket Boxes

Finally, blanket boxes and ottomans, which usually sit at the foot of a bed, are a must-have for country style sleep spaces. 

As shown in the below picture, blanket boxes are much more than a convenient space to store things. Though perfect for housing kitsch country paraphernalia like knitting needles and cross stitch equipment, they’re also the perfect place to put down a cup of tea and an inspirational magazine as you potter around in the morning. 


Image shows: Large Blanket Box


Most blanket boxes can be found in the same natural wood finish as your other bedroom furniture, giving your country style space a matchy-matchy feel you shouldn’t shy away from in this interior trend. 

After all, to achieve a country style bedroom, it’s all about looking for bedroom furniture that belongs and interacts with each other, blending into its outside landscape. 

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