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How to Dress a Four Poster Bed

how to dress a four poster bed

Four poster beds are no longer just the preserve of the monarchy; they're becoming an increasingly popular choice for people wanting to introduce a unique wow factor into their bedroom. If you want to add an exquisite focal point to your bedroom, then a four poster bed is an elegant choice.

Though the traditional bed of nobility was primarily surrounded by heavy drapery, today’s four poster is far more versatile. From a thick heavy canopy to romantic sheer gauze at the sides — or even just the bare frame — you can dress a four poster bedroom to suit any room and mood.

Here's some inspiration to indicate how you can style your very own four poster bed.

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Keep It Classic With Traditional Styling

Although there are now many more options for four poster bed styling, there's surely nothing wrong with quintessential dressing if a palatial and regal look suits your style.

Ambassador Four Poster Bed

Shop the Ambassador Bed

They say an Englishman’s home is his castle. So, why not sleep like a king and indulge yourself with a traditionally-dressed four poster bed?

Use thick, opulent fabric as an overhead canopy and curtains at each corner for the ultimate warmth and privacy.

To really feel like royalty and let your four poster bed's sheer size and presence do the talking, consider using rich and sophisticated colours like red and cream. They all scream an elite status, power and wealth, all of which really complement the bed's wood finish and solid structure.


Break The Mould With Romantic Dressing

Four posters have always been private spaces. Yet, they don't need to feel heavy or oppressive to bring solitude to those who sleep there.


Shop the Balmoral Bed

Turn your bedroom into a room of romance using light and airy drape curtains.

For an even softer look, create elegant voiles on the side of each post, allowing it to billow gracefully down the frame. Beautiful, inherently romantic and modern.

An open canopy and floaty voile drapes are perfect additions for a French-inspired finish without adding anything too heavy and taking away from the detailed artful shaping, curves and carvings.

From a colour perspective, keep it simple to maintain the romantic feel. Add a touch of paler and less intense tones, which you usually find in the romantic palette, suggesting romance, purity, innocence and charm.


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Anchor Your Space With Antique Accessories

Antique accessories allow you to dress your four poster down, so the room is more about those treasured trinkets and the simplicity of the bed's silhouette.

County Kerry Solid Wood Four Poster Bed

Shop the Country Kerry Bed

Is there any better way to sever the four poster’s ties with tradition and bring it bang up to date than to leave it completely undressed? This allows the bed frame to take centre stage.

The bed frame still creates a quasi-enclosed space yet screams modernity. Stunning and simple.

Sometimes, less is more. To maintain your four poster bed's position as the focal point of your bedroom, avoid adding anything too elaborate or weighty that takes the focus away from the solid wooden structure.

Keep it simple by adding subtle vintage touches to maintain the antique and sumptuous finish.


Calm Your Room With Contemporary Touches

Four posters don't have to be nestled in the rural countryside; they can belong on the coastline too. With contemporary styling, anything is possible.


Shop the Vermont Bed

Brave it with a bare headboard and allow your four poster to become more of a standalone statement instead of merely a structure for decoration. 

To achieve the modest gracefulness of design, consider keeping your four poster bed both simple and honest, making for a perfect backdrop for organic fabrics and subtly patterned sheets. This style is perfect for transforming your four poster bed into a peaceful refuge.

Your bed acts as the perfect escape at the end of your day, so avoid steering away from a contemporary style by choosing immaculately balanced and simple colours and tones. It helps maintain the clever balance of traditional and stylish, giving the important homely feel and bringing out the bed's effortless beauty.


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Quebec Pencil Bed


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Dare To Be Different With Dramatic Posts

The right bed will do much of the talking for you, leaving the 'how' of dressing a four poster bed up to more of an art and less of a science. 


Shop the Quebec Pencil Bed

Bed styles like the Quebec give you a blank canvas to play with. You don't need to rely on the classical styling of drapes and canopies. Instead, look to more modern elements like runners, throw cushions and even coordinated accessories such as rugs and armchairs. 

Since the Quebec is razor-sharp with its signature posts, you can afford to soften its blow with your colour palette, opting for pastels and happy hues. 

As for the bedding, keep it classic with a fresh white sheet. Remember, drama doesn't mean overdoing it.


Make It Moody With Mysterious Layering

Gone are the days of bed styling being all tight and perfectly tucked sheets. Now, more relaxed, elusive and free ways of styling are coming into effect.


Shop The Windsor Bed

Nothing says mystery quite like little dark details to match the rich grain of the four poster bed frame.

The sharp details in the bed frame simply demand attention. So, a dark yet minimalistic approach is best as it adds the perfect amount of intrigue yet perfectly highlights the comforting aspect.

With a generous dose of throw cushions and an unmade bed feel, this dressing style is relaxed but out of reach. Most importantly, the focus remains on the beautiful bed frame.


Find Your Perfect Bed by Downloading our Digital Brochure

Whether you’re chasing a romantic style or looking to add a dramatic focal point to your bedroom, Revival Beds are here to help you find your perfect bed. We’ve been handcrafting luxury wooden beds since 1983 with our experienced craftsmen dedicated to providing their undivided attention to every bed that comes out of our workshop.

From traditional to sleigh, New England to leather, we have many luxurious handmade models that can suit your style.

For a closer look at the beds we have on offer, make sure you download our free brochure by clicking the link below.

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