No point spoiling a £1000 bed with a £20 component.

We also buy in turnings from specialist Lancashire wood turners Earlymatch. Even though we expect and get the best from our suppliers we do have to sort through to make sure the timber is up to the standard for the beds and furniture we make.


The off cuts bin

Off cuts are bits of wood and timber which are either not long enough to be used or are the ends of a panel or plank which is cut off to size and square the timber. Also when we find timber which isn't good enough to use we discard it and it joins the timber in the off cuts bin. Same goes for all the components we make, if there is any damage or the component isn't up to standard we put it into the off cuts bin. 

Staff training = waste saving

Because of the cost of timber, keeping waste to a minimum is really important for our business. This comes down to making sure our workforce have been trained properly.

  • A good craftsman 'measures twice and cuts once'. This old maxim saves no end of waste.

  • A good craftsman chooses a good piece of timber before starting to work on it.

  • A good craftsman will reject timber that doesn't come up to scratch.

So in our off cuts bin you would find timber of all shapes and sizes...but hopefully not too much.

What happens to the off cuts?

Well all sorts of different things really. We have people turn up who want wood shavings for bedding for animals from horses to rabbits. We have people who want kindling and sticks for fires.


Retford Oaks Academy

There have been young peoples housing projects who want off cuts to make there own furniture. Recently we also had our local school contact us for our off cuts to use in woodwork projects. Checkout this letter we received from Retford Oaks. It's not our intention to create waste but its nice to know the off cuts are put to good use and don't simply end up in a landfill.

What do you think?

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