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Better living through a good nights sleep


A bad nights sleep leaves everyone tired and grumpy

Well yes agrees Julie but a good night sleep can provide literally hundreds of benefits to an individual and actually help a person enjoy a better quality life. Simon's not so convinced which is why he spends the majority of his life tired and grumpy.

Is Simon's weight gain to do with his lack of quality sleep?

It was a normal work day for Simon and Julie. The reason their paths crossed was because Julie had been transferred from another part of the company to the same one as Simon. Julie first met Simon when they were queuing for lunch.

Simon was intrigued at how bright and vital Julie was. She orders plenty of lunch which surprised Simon. It was all quite healthy looking but it certainly filled the plate. All the right things. Salad, coleslaw and stuff like that with some chicken pieces. But there was loads of it.


Simon was always hungry because his appetite hormones

Simon himself was as usual his under par sleep deprived self. So what did he eat? Well Simon needed an energy boost plus he was hungry as well. He went straight in for a double strength coffee and a portion of lasagne. That was Simon, always tired and always hungry. Sometime during the afternoon he’d have a energy drink to help concentrate for the rest of the day. Over the previous few years Simon had gained quite a bit of weight around the middle.

Julie explains how she can stay in great shape without starving herself

They sat at the same table and spiritedly Julie started to talk about her favourite subject…how much she enjoys sleeping. This came as a bit of a surprise to Simon who wasn’t really that comfortable talking to members of the opposite sex about what they do in there bedroom.

There was no stopping Julie once she was started on beds, quality mattresses, appetite hormones and being overweight. “Simon did you know that studies in the lab have helped to identify some of the mechanisms I play when people are sleep-deprived. Blood sugar levels are elevated, sympathetic nervous system activity is higher, and levels of leptin and ghrelin (hormones which respectively suppress and stimulate appetite) are tilted in favour of over-eating. All of this leads to fat accumulation”. Julie paused for another mouthful of lunch…she was in full flow.

Obesity and lack of sleep?

Julie continued to enlighten Simon. “What’s more, it seems that the obesity epidemic has coincided with an epidemic of sleep loss. Scientists have shown that over the last 100 years, globally, kids have lost 75 minutes of sleep a day (with the exception of Australian kids). About half of all adults say they need more sleep, the average perceived sleep deficit being about 25-30 minutes per night”.

Anyhow there was no letup in her giving him the low down on how much she loved her quality bed and what it did for her. When she went on to tell him the affect a good nights sleep and a great mattress had had on her weight control Simon really was all ears.

The proof it’s always in the pudding

“I wondered how you managed to keep in such good shape even though you weren’t shy with you food”. Said Simon. “Yes” said Julie. “It really is down to my pocket sprung mattress and sleeping soundly for at least eight and a half hour every night. And to tell you the truth Simon there really are hundreds of other improvements you can make to your daily life simply through improving how you sleep”

Has the penny dropped for Simon?

Although Simon ploughs through his lasagne and drains his coffee Julie has switched a light on in his subconscious that his macho approach to the number of hours of sleep he needs each night. Combine that with his cheap bed and mattress that he crashes in to each night (but fails to rest him properly). And not forgetting the fact that he’d been unable to control his weight gain over the last few years even thought he worked out at the gym.

Was Simons below par life really down to bad sleep

When Simon actually started to take a look at his life objectively he realised he was in a bit a of a physical flat spin which he couldn’t pull out of. He wasn’t pulling in the sales any longer. He’d lost his zip, in fact the truth was he mostly felt like crap all the time. He made a point to have lunch with Julie again and get some more sleep facts. To read more facts and figures relating to sleep, click-here.

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