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You might as well sleep on the floor

Solid Wood Sleigh Bed with Mattress and Pillows

The Importance Of A Quality Mattress 

There is so much importance attached to sleeping on a good mattress and rightly so. But we often forget the importance of the humble pillow.

Solid Wood Sleigh Bed with Mattress and Pillows

Having chosen a great bed frame, gone to all sorts of trouble finding the right mattress (check out the previous post)and you're all set...aren't you? Well actually no you're not. Unless you choose a pillow that supports you're head and neck properly you might just as well sleep on the floor.


Choose the right pillow and it's like sleeping on a cloud

What if you could reduce neck pain and back pain significantly. Here are a few tips. Your neck curves slightly forward to support the weight of the head and it is very important to maintain this curve when in a resting position. If the height of your pillow is too high when sleeping sideways or on your back your neck is bent abnormally forward or to the side. This causes muscle strain on the back of the neck and shoulders. It may also cause narrowing of the air pipe, resulting in obstructed breathing, and sometimes snoring, which can hinder sleep. Conversely, if the height of the pillow is too low, your neck muscles can also be strained.

A Pillow must feel comfortable

A large part of what makes a good pillow is personal preference. If the pillow feels comfortable, it is likely to help you relax and feel well rested in the morning. The pillow's surface can also be a source of comfort - some people prefer a cotton pillowcase with a cool, smooth feeling alternatively you may like flannel or linen.

Solid Oak Bed

A Pillow should be adjustable

A good pillow will conform to various sleep positions and be adjusted to fit your unique shape and curves and sleeping position. A pillow needs to mold to your individual shape and support any pressure points.

Using a pillow while sleeping on your back

When lying on your back, a pillow should support the natural curvature of the spine, with adequate support under the head, neck, and shoulders. When sleeping on your back, the height of the pillow should be lower than in the sideways position. Placing a pillow or two beneath the knees further alleviates any back strain, and is the gentlest position on the back.

Using a pillow while sleeping on your side

When lying on one's side, a pillow should support the head and neck so the spine maintains a straight and natural horizontal line. Weight should be evenly distributed so as not to create unnatural bending or pressure.

Using a pillow while sleeping on your stomach

If you prefer to sleep on your stomach your pillow should be relatively flat, or the head should rest directly on the mattress, so that the head and neck aren't turned unnaturally to either side.

Comfort is the key

It is important to know that your neck may hurt a little during the first few days of using any new pillow because it is still adjusting to the contour, but you could look forward to extreme comfort and rest in the years to come.

Take a look at our pillows and choose the right pillow for you. We have pillows and bolsters in Latex, Memory Foam, Hollow fibre, goose down and duck down and feather. Plus you can get 100% cotton pillow cases in any size in both 200 and 400 thread counts.

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