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Ancient planning


How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom


We all know about lavender bags, hot baths, keeping a window open, malted milk drinks, relaxation techniques...the list goes on and on and many of these tips really do work.

However there is an ancient Chinese technique that's popular in the bedroom. No no no...I'm talking about Feng Shui. This technique, system, set of laws call it what you will dates back as far as 4000 BC.

By using their laws of heaven and earth the Chinese would shape and improve the quality of their lives. Stars and astronomy, earthly bodies like lakes, water courses and local natural landmarks (this was before the magnetic compass) were used to align man made structures like buildings and roads along axis; for example a north south axis or some other astrological axis.

This was just the tip of the iceberg. Codification followed which meant over the years that anyone who worked on planning and buildings had to follow rules...It was a kind of town planning by Feng Shui.

Palaces and subsequently the alignment of towns, roads and cities followed. This wasn't the end of it though. Feng Shui followed the ancient Chinese through to death. Graves and tombs also followed the same rules as dwellings and were aligned along the same axis.


Contemporary Feng Shui

To some Feng Shui is no more than a set of superstitions or folk law but to millions of others it's a way of life.

'The perfect spot' is the best description of Feng Shui, to find the rightful place geographically, environmentally for a building, a piece of art right down to placing a bed in a bedroom and have it facing in the right direction. It has to be harmonious with its immediate surroundings and the world.

When you think about it, if the same rules and laws have been applied to public spaces, dwellings, and the size and shape of a room, its going to make the positioning of bed in the right place much easier...the space is already there. So to practice Feng Shui properly and follow all the rules, the foundations have to be in place.

But that hasn't stopped (rightly or wrongly) a diluted version of the practice being adapted in the west. We just scratch at the surface but never the less may actually improve the quality of our sleep.

Here are a few of the tips I've found on how to Feng Shui your bedroom without having to get Planning Permission from the local Council to alter the current position of your local Town Hall, or alter the orientation of your house.

10 Feng Shui tips

  1. You should be able to see your bedroom door from your bed but you should not be in line with the door

  2. You should have a flat, plastered wall behind your bed and not put your bed in the middle of a room

  3. You should have grounding at either side of your bed; for example bed side cabinets

  4. Have no electrical appliances in the bedroom (I wonder if this included alarm clocks)

  5. Avoid sharp angles in a bedroom

  6. Always try to place your bed in your lucky direction. This means do a bit of experimenting with the best position for the bed in terms of you and Feng Shui rather than simply putting the bed where the bedroom dictates

  7. Mapping your bedroom. This involves splitting your bedroom into equal squares and only using the squares only for certain purposes

  8. Not using your bedroom for anything it's not designed for

  9. Don't clutter. Too much stuff in your bedroom takes your mind off relaxation and the reason you've actually gone to your bedroom

  10. Read this article. It's a really great start to Feng Shui it has some excellent diagrams

Libraries and the Internet are packed with tips and advice how to bring serenity to your bedroom using Feng Shui. So if you do suffer from restlessness (or an untidy bedroom) it's well worth looking at the ancient practice, it really has loads of positive energy for the bedroom.

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