How does a four-poster bed improve the look and feel of your bedroom?

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Why are four-poster beds so luxurious?

It’s no secret that four-poster beds are luxurious and hold a certain prestige. Why do you think that those swanky, posh hotels have them in their ‘luxury rooms’ and ‘honeymoon suites’?

But what is it that makes four-poster beds so luxurious and irresistible?

Super Kingsize Solid Oak Four Poster Bed

The size

Typically, a four-poster bed is a lot bigger than your traditional bed; this is no doubt one of the key attractions. These large, grand structures make those sleeping in/on them feel like a King or Queen.

The size and engulfing structure of a four-poster bed makes you feel safe and secure, as well as providing ample space to stretch out during sleep.

The designs

Often, as things get bigger, they get uglier, this is not the case with four-poster beds. Despite their often-large size, these prestigious beds come in an array of beautiful shapes and designs. With strong, solid structures, to hand-crafted, bespoke designs you’ll definitely be able to find a luxury four-poster bed to match your design ideas or current bedroom theme.

Painted Four Poster Bed

Traditional Four-Poster Bed

The traditional four-poster bed consists of four posts connected at the top by a top panel. The post on traditional four-poster beds tends to be thick-set, heavy and sometimes include decoration.

Half Tester Beds

The posts on a half tester bed are lower at the foot of the bed and much higher at the head. The canopy extends over the top half of the bed and then drapes down towards the floor.

Pencil Post Bed

A pencil bed is extremely similar to a traditional four-poster bed; however, the posts are much thinner and rounded. Over the years pencil beds have become more modern in design and now rarely have a full frame over the top to attach the canopy.

Canopy Bed

A canopy bed is designed to really show off the decorative fabric that is attached to and engulfs the frame. Traditionally canopy beds held heaving luxurious fabric; however, silk or cotton are now the preferred fabric used for a canopy bed.

Can you have a four-poster bed in a small room?

While 24% of Londoners think that four-posters look great in bigger bedrooms, that doesn’t mean you should rule out a four-poster bed if your sleeping quarters aren’t so spacious. Yes, a grand bed with full and flowing canopy does look amazing as the centrepiece of a large room; but they can also work in smaller rooms.

By utilising the available space correctly, you can make your four-poster bed the perfect feature piece in a more compact space. Merely ensure that you don’t clutter the room with unnecessary accessories and you can create the perfect sleeping space.

If you are worried that a four poster bed will be too dominant a bed style for your room, then why not consider a sleigh bed as a less dominant, but equally classy alternative.

Setting the mood

Interestingly, the history behind this style of bed, with its high pillars and draped curtains, isn’t quite as romantic as modern-day depictions would suggest. Canopies were first introduced to beds in the 13th and 14th century for practical reasons, and were used for keeping the bed’s owner warm, for privacy in shared bedchambers and for keeping out creepy crawlies! Thankfully, these days the chance of insects dropping out of the ceilings while we sleep is slim, so four-poster beds are more a matter of taste and style than functionality.

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