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How to get rid of an old Mattress

Old Mattresses On Landfill Site

The best ways to get rid of an old mattress if it's beyond cleaning?

Break the mattress down

If you have the time, tools and patience, you could break your old mattress down yourself by removing the components and taking them to a recycling centre. However, some mattresses will be easier to break down than others, depending on their size, depth and the number of components inside. Only try breaking your mattress down yourself if you are feeling confident!

Give it to a friend 

Sometimes you purchase a new mattress when there is nothing much wrong with the performance of your old one - for example, your sleeping habits may have changed. A change in sleeping habits can lead to the soft feel mattress you once loved no longer being adequate as you require a more structured sleeping platform. So, there is always the option to ask friends and family to see if your old mattress is something they could make use of?

Old Mattresses On Landfill Site

Call the council

When it comes to getting rid of your old mattress, you also have the option of calling your local council to take it away. Although, the disadvantage of utilising the council for mattress disposal is that you may have to wait several days for them to collect it; if the collection date is not timely with your new mattress purchase, it could result in a soggy, wet mattress being left at the front of your house for a period. Not the most aesthetically pleasing attraction to have sitting in the front garden!

Ask your new mattress supplier to take your old one away and recycle it

Asking your supplier to take away your old mattress when they deliver your new one is a great way of getting rid of it. This method is convenient and can save you a lot of time and hassle. Unfortunately, there are not many mattress suppliers that will take your old one away due to the time and management required to dispose of them ethically.

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Revival Beds can take your existing mattress away

As part of our service, we can take your old mattress away and recycle it when you purchase one of our luxury mattresses. Also, your new mattress will be delivered and installed for free (UK mainland) when purchased alongside one of our handcrafted beds. Getting rid of your old mattress this way also means it will be recycled properly and won't end up in landfill, as thousands do each year.

If you need a new mattress but aren't sure which is right for you, check out our comprehensive mattress buying guide.

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