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Choosing the ideal bed for your bedroom

For most bedrooms the bed is the primary focal point and is the piece of furniture that takes up the majority of the space in the room. Buying the ideal bed will depend on how your room is designed, and the amount of space you have available. Considering how your bed will look and fit in your bedroom is essential to avoid having a bed that is oversized or doesn’t suit the rest of the room's decor. Before committing to purchasing your new bed, there are several options and choices to consider. 

Bedroom size and shape

Take some room measurements and assess the amount of space that you have to work with. When you place a hand made wooden bed in the bedroom, you will need enough room to get in and out of the bed and walk around it freely, without catching on the corners. Getting a bed that is too large and that extends almost from wall to wall is not a good look and can make the room appear smaller than it is. Excessively large beds can restrict walkways and will result in your bedroom feeling awkward and cramped. Most bedrooms are square or rectangular, but some are L-shaped or irregular, so the placement and size of the bed will need to work well with the shape of the room. Plenty of options are available including beds of double, king size, and super king size

On the other hand a bed that is too small can look a bit lost in big bedrooms. This becomes particularly obvious in rooms with higher ceilings or built-in wardrobes as the space seems to overwhelm the bed. For large rooms Emperor beds and Caesar beds will provide more than ample sleeping space and bring an impressive and luxurious look to your bedroom.



Having under bed storage is a great way to maximise space in your bedroom. Choose a bed with built in drawers and use them to store towels, linens, or anything else you need. This provides new bed owners a great way to free up limited wardrobe space and bring a better level of organisation to the room. Beds with storage allow you to utilise the space under the bed, which is usually left bare to gather dust, reducing the need for additional pieces of furniture so it can create a very clean, simple look in the room. There are several options for adding underbed storage to many of our wooden bed frames depending on the look you are going for. From sleigh beds to traditional, or four poster designs, new beds can be constructed with below-frame drawers to provide convenient and usable space. 

Canterbury in Burnt Oak-1


Choosing the style of your bed extends beyond the design of the frame, it also includes the type of materials that the bed is constructed from. To fit in with the design of the room, our handmade wooden beds come with a lot of options and styles to complement your existing decor. For example, an ultra-modern and sophisticated bed may benefit from a sleek and modern bed design and a more traditional style bed may look out of place. If your room is decorated with soft colours, then a bed that uses a lot of leather in its design could be too stark a difference and may work better in an apartment or loft style home. Consider the kind of style and materials that will work best with your room to blend in with the decor or provide a contrast that looks elegant and thoughtful. 

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Mattress Firmness

A comfortable night’s sleep is highly dependent on the quality of the mattress and its firmness. Some people prefer the feeling of a soft mattress to sink into, while others prefer the stability and support of a firmer mattress. It is important to select a mattress that is high quality and suits your sleeping style, which can mean taking into account whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach. The mattress should fit securely into the bed frame without being loose or having too much overhang. Design features like the number of springs and materials like dual density memory foam or cooling latex gel can regulate body temperature and provide a better level of comfort during sleep. 

Final words

Choosing the ideal bed for your bedroom and to suit your sleeping preferences should be made easier by taking these points into account. With some careful planning and selections, you will be able to find a luxury handmade wooden bed that fits your bedroom perfectly.