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Cool gel mattress


Simon had become obsessive about mattresses. He just couldn’t make up his mind. He must have visited around fifteen different bed shops in and around the city he lived in. Sometimes both he and Julie went together. But most of the time he went on his own. Simon had also spent hours looking on the Internet to see what was on offer there.

He couldn’t believe how much choice there was…how was anyone suppose to make up there mind?

He must have tried hundreds of mattresses but he still hadn’t taken the plunge and bought one for himself. On the day in question Julie and Simon were revisiting a very up market bed shop with many mattress suppliers from all over the country. The mattresses ranged from £400 right up to £15,000. They were the price of a car.

Secret shoppers and secret sleepers

The bed shop owner was always looking for new ways to promote his mattresses and had recently hit up on the idea of using the secret shopper concept but renaming it the secret sleeper.

He had in fact noticed Simon and Julie in his shop on other occasions. A well dressed and accomplished looking woman with her down at heel friend. He realised these two would be the ideal people to provide him with the mattress information he needed. They would become his mattress guinea pigs.

Simon gets an offer he can’t refuse

The owner told Simon that he could choose one mattress each month and give him a full and frank account of how it felt, if it was value for money and if he actually did experience better living through sleeping on the said mattress. Simon was thrilled and jumped at the opportunity, but he had to let on that he and Julie weren’t an item.

Simon couldn’t believe his luck

Simon was delighted with this, he really could not believe his luck. It meant by the end of the trial he would know exactly which mattress would be best for him. The owner of the shop told Simon that he would arrange to have one of the latest mattresses delivered to his home the following day and would expect a report by the end of the month.


Simon takes delivery

The following day the new cool gel mattress arrived and was installed into Simons bedroom. He’d hastily tidied and cleaned the night before. His bedroom looked like a new pin. The new king-size mattress was one of the new hybrid mattresses that Simon had been hanging his nose over for the past few weeks. In stead of the pocket springs memory foam or latex foam, this new mattress had pocket springs and cooling gel foam. He couldn’t wait for bed time.

New mattress new bedding

Simon surprised himself and more to the point Julie with his next move. While in the bed shop he actually put his hand in his pocket and bought a new goose down duvet, four new pillows and two sets of 100% Egyptian cotton linen. In hindsight this was probably the turning point for Simon and Julie.

Is the secret sleeper the man of Julie’s dreams?

Julie could now see that the over weight, scruffy, sleep deprived, under performing, grumpy man she had taken pity on, had a side to his personality that was worth getting to know. And now he had access to endless different mattresses (starting with the new cool gel mattress) who new what the future held for them both. Julie wanted to be a mattress guinea pig as well.

The cool gel mattress was introduced in 2011 to help combat the notion that memory foam mattresses sleep hot. 

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