Health Happiness and Wealth

Health always comes first for everyone. Life is much more of a challenge without good health. So it makes sense to go all out to maintain or improve our health wherever possible. We keep an eye on what we eat and drink, we exercise and we try and get a good nights rest. Good health is really the gateway to the happiness and wealth part of the quotation.

Happiness comes in many shapes and sizes. We get happy if our children do well, if our favourite football team wins the cup. We get happy when the sun comes out. There are all sorts of reasons for us to get a smile on our face. Another reason which may contribute is if we are feeling healthy.

The last part of the quote seems obvious, we immediately think of having a good deal of money to spend. That may well be true, but what it really applies to is your life being enriched, enjoyable and full. So the three; health, happiness and wealth are all closely connected but without your health the other two are said to be much more difficult to achieve.

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